Welcome to join Renault Clio Cup Asia eRacing Series during these times of social separation, event details:



The Renault Clio Cup Asia eRacing Series calendar will contain 3 events tentatively. The event will be arranged at night within 20:30-21:30 Hong Kong Time at your own place.



The eRacing Series provisional calendar as follow 暫定時間表:

Test Day 試車日:

2020.05.09, Zhuhai track 珠海賽道

- to make sure all competitors can login to our server 確保每名參加者能進入官方伺服器

Event 1 第一站: 2020.05.16, Zhuhai track 珠海賽道

Event 2 第二站: 2020.06.12, Sepang F1 track 馬來西亞雪邦賽道

Event 3 第三站: 2020.07.17, Shanghai F1 track 上海賽道

We’ll unveil the details of the events in due course 比賽詳情將稍後公佈


The eRacing Season Registration Fee 年度參賽費 :

Standard price 標準費用 - RMB 人民幣 400 / HKD 港幣 440

- your name and race no. will be put on the car 賽車車輛上有車手名字和賽車號碼

Premium price 升級費用 - RMB 人民幣 1,000 / HKD 港幣 1,100

- we can help to put your exclusive car design on the esports track  我們可將你專屬的車輛設計實現在電競賽道上


The eRacing Series will have two pointing systems:

  1. SIM Trophy: Overall top 3 winners 

  2. Pro Driver Class (refers to driver who obtain competition licence): 10% point in the best two events will grant the competitors bonuses when the real championship will actually kick off. 

  3. SIM Driver Class (refers to SIM racing drivers and fans):  The Champion will be awarded 1-day Clio Cup Touring car training program


  1. 電競杯:排名前三的參賽者獲獎杯

  2. 專業車手組別 (真實/ 持有賽車證者):參加真實賽事的參賽者,其最高成績的兩站電競賽積分將計算在總積分之內。電競賽積分以10%計算入真實賽事積分 

  3. 電競車手組別 (任何電競愛好者):冠軍可獲免費一天克里歐房車培訓課程


We are monitoring the situation and the update calendar of the actual Renault Clio Cup Asia Series will be announced in due course.



Please note 注意:

  1. All results will be listed on the standings on the official website. 所有成績及積分將在官方網站公告 

  2. Seat is limited, we will have priority for the drivers who have entered the actual championship. 每場賽事參賽車輛有限,大會將優先獲得參加真實賽事的參賽者

  3. Set of SIM Equipment, includes computer, seat and racing wheel with pedals, can be ordered with FRD. Upon request, we will provide the spec and quotation. 遊戲機件包括電腦,座椅,駕駛盤和腳踏等,可向FRD訂購。大會將按需求提供遊戲機件規格及報價。

  4. Competitors should download the game Assetto Corsa and provide us the Steam ID to enter the server. 參賽者須下載電腦遊戲程序Assetto Corsa,然後向大會提供Steam 個人ID以登錄官方伺服器進入遊戲。